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Regional Events

November 4 from 10am-1pm 

Harford Community College in Bel Air, Maryland (Joppa Hall, Room J-54)

Please RSVP: by October 28 (Limit15 people). 


A release valve lets off pressure and relieves the stress that can be built up in a system. Yesterday, a student asked me what I do about student burnout. Increasingly, my students just want to get assignments done and off their mental lists. How can we get them out of this grind mode which inhibits creative thought and adds to their stress and into a mental space where their creativity can flourish in a mentally-restorative way? You are invited to partake in experiential pedagogical research on methods to create the right environment and cues conducive to spontaneous play-based (active) learning as part of your students’ creative process. This will not be your average roundtable or workshop. You will be invited as a teaching artist to enter a space with making stations, research stations, and a white board for collaborative note taking. By putting ourselves in the place of our students, our aim is to explore what elements inhibit or are conducive to collaboration, play based research, and iterative thinking. After two hours, we will discuss what worked, what didn’t work, and how we can apply methods in our classrooms. The notes taken at this event will be used to produce a short collaborative paper with all
attendees as co-authors.

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