FATE Members Share is a resource page for FATE members only. Files collected from FATE conferences & regional events can be found here. Special thanks to the spirit of FATE members whose willingness to share makes this page possible. 

2017 FATE @ CAA Project Swap


Naomi J. Falk, University of South Carolioa [Transformative Texture, project]  

Amy Hauber [Write a Letter to Santa, project]  

Meredith Starr, SUNY Suffolk Community College [Five Obstructions, project]  

2015 Tectonic Shifts Conference Share

Files listed below were shared from FATE Conference Sessions at the 2105 Biennial Conference in Indianapolis, IN in Spring 2015.  

Enhancing the First Year Experience: Partnerships between Foundation Studies Counseling & Wellness and New Student Seminar Programming     
     Session Chair: Christopher Yates, Kenyon College
Christopher Yates, Kenyon College ["Setting the State: the 1st Year Curriculum," presentation]
Heather Bray, Columbus College of Art & Design ["New Student Seminar Course Summary," document]

Erin Vlach, Columbus College of Art & Design ["A Booster Shot: Injecting Wellness into the Classroom," presentation]

The Assignments: From Problem Solving to Problem Forming 
     Session Chair: Christopher Willey, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Jarrett Min Davis, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, "Flowing from Problem Solving to Problem Forming"
Dean Valadez, Visual Artist, "Creativity and the Classroom: The Paradox of Creation?

[All Session Presentations]

Can You Make Something You've Never Seen Before?
     Session Chair: Candace Hicks, Stephen F. Austin State University 

Claire van der Plas, Adams State University [Material Play, project]  

[Collaborative Sound/Image Composition, project]

Group Critiques in the Foundation Studies Drawing Course     
     Session Chair: Sandra Reed, Marshall University
Sebastien Fitch, Concordia University, "Sketching a Portrait of the Critique"
Julie Kierski, University of Illinois, "Student and Instructor Perceptions of Peer Group Critiques"
Heidi May, Columbus State University, "Creating Dialogical Space for Emergent Knowledge"

[All Session Presentations]

Performance, Wearables & Foundations: Be the Ball     
     Session Chair: Brett Reif, Kansas City Art Institute
Naomi Falk, St. Lawrence University, ["Artistic Mischief: Out and About with One-Minute Sculptures," presentation]

[Erwin Wurm One-Minute Sculptures, project]

Globalization as a Catalyst for Innovation: Black Mountain College, Paducah School of Art, and Kadir Has University, Istanbul    
     Session Chair: Winn Rea, Long Island University Post

Bilan Liao, Paducah School of Art & Design, WKCTC, KY & Dr. Marcie Hinton, Murray State University, KY  
["Teaching Chinese painting in the rural South (USA): Preparing Cultural Studio Space in order for Perspective and Art to Happen," presentation]
Joel Varland, Savannah College of Art & Design ["Black Mountain College: Back to the Future," presentation]

Nur Balkir Kuru, Kadir Has University ["Continue Learning from the City," presentation]

Making the Most Out of What You've got! Color, Technology, and Collaboration in a 2D Design Class  
     Session Chair: Clint Samples, University of West Georgia

Steve Novick, New England School of Art & Design, Suffolk University ["Semester Zero" (A Post-Mortem on a New 2D/Color Course), presentation]
Lori Faist, Columbus College of Art and Design ["First Year CORE CCAD: Integrating Digital Media into the Studio Curriculum," presentation]

Making the Most Out of What You've got! Color, Technology, and Collaboration in a 2D Design Class  
     Session Chairs: Amy Brier, Ivy Tech Community College & Richard Moninski, University of Wisconsin-Plattville

Adam Fotos, Chicago State University, College of DuPage ["Through the Lens of Manga and Anime, presentation]

The Final Word: Creative Final Projects in 2D & 3D Foundations     
     Session Chair: Greg Skaggs, Troy University

Heather Deyling, Savannah College of Art & Design, ["My Best Final Project (So Far)," presentation]
Heather Szatmary, Savannah College of Art & Design, ["I can't even!" - Giving Characters a Voice, presentation]
Benjamin Entner, SUNY Oswego ["Old Dog, New Tricks: Post Modern Birdhouses," presentation]

2011 FATE Member Assignment Exchange

Files listed below were shared at the 2011 FATE Biennial Conference in St. Louis.

Susan Beniston [Pop-Up Pages & Package Design]

Laurie Blakeslee [like a museum]

Steven Bleicher [Four Seasons]

Karen Bondarchuk [Text Self Portrait]

Boulanger [Figurative Abstraction]

Jason Buening [Line Drawings]

John Dempsey [Playing the Line Game]

Phillip Michael Hook [Research Assignment: Impressionist - Post Impressionist - Expressionist Color]

Stacy Isenbarger & Jackson Martin [C.P.D.F.C.: Complex Planes to Dynamic Form Collaborative]

Dr. Lori Kent [Inkblot Psychoanalytic Criticism Project]

J. Neil Lawley [Planar Self Portrait]

Tiffany Sum [1 Scene, 1 Protagonist, 1 Antagonist & 1 MacGuffin: Collaborative Project]

Ken Wood [Curated Sketchbook Assignment]  [Language & Line]  [Trace Composition

2009 FATE Member Assignment Exchange

Files listed below were shared at the 2009 FATE Biennial Conference in Portland, OR.

[Naturalism to Non-Objectivisim]

[Talisman Project]

Raya Bodnarchuk [Panel Project]

Anthony Fontana [Down the Rabbit Hole]

Hoffman [Propaganda]

Juan Juarez [Identity Pattern and Anomaly Digital Project]

Joe Meiser [Biomorphism]

Gail Simpson [Repair Project

Jackie Skrzynski [Data Drawing]

Dean Valadez [Social Portraiture & Ecology: a Facebook Project]  [Wiki-Project: an Interdisciplinarian Process]

2007 FATE Member Assignment Exchange

Files listed below were shared at the 2007 FATE Biennial Conference.

[Additive Sculpture]

[Anti-perspective Drawing]

[Color in Space]

[Color, Shapes & Transparencies]

[Compositional Analysis Project]

[Escher Multiplied]

[Experimenting with Paint & Medium]

[Herron School of Art & Design: IUPUI Foundation Curriculum Committee Recommendations]

[Metamorphosis: Space> Shape> Scale> Morph> Morph Again> Invent]

[Positive/Negative Shape-Shifter]

[Three-Dimensional Design Fabric Installation]

[The Unconventional Birdcage]

[Time & Space]

[Wearable Textures]

Patricia Autenrieth [Write - Draw - Write]

Kevin Bell [Drawing in Motion]

Susan Beniston & Brenda McCrank [Deck of Cards Project]

Steven Bleicher [Monochromatic Collage]

Raya Bodnarchuk [Three-Dimensional Design Projects]

Charlotte Collins & Linda Hightower [Text and Image]

Mary K. Connelly [Exquisite Corpse Updated]

John DenHouter [Frankenfoods-Structural Drawing]

Featherstone [Sign Language]

Bonnie Ferrill Roman [Architectural Planar Construction]  [Plaster Shaping & Carving]  [Two Forms - Line & Texture]

Karla Freiheit [Serial Planes Structure/ Clothing as Surrogate]

Dana Fritz [Self-Portrait in Time]

Rosanne Gibel [Exploring Type as a Compositional Element]

Lisa Hart [Photocopy Chair - Repeat Pattern]

Dr. Lori Kent [100 Interesting Things...]

Sara Krempel [Design Your Final Exam]

McNearney [Self Portrait & Alter Ego: Auto Portraits]

Eugenia Pardue [Alternative Methods]

Jesse Payne [Clue Drawing: A narrative using visual clues to show the conditions of a murder]

Jo A. Peterson [Art as Inspiration]

Jennifer Pollock [Exquisite Corpse Marionette]

Kathleen Priscoll [Perception & Space: Altering Spatial Experience]

Rokes [Value: Postcard Size Drawing of a Tool]

Kristin Rothrock [Analogous Cold/Warm Contrast]

Julia Rymer [Two-Dimensional Design Project Guide]

Rick Salafia [Two-Dimensional Design Projects]

Kristin Skees [Architectural Space]

Stewart [Creative Process]

Tomilson [Topology: The Logic of Place]  [Site: The Reshaping of Meaning]

John Tricomi [Constellation of Cubes]

Barbara Veatch [Letterform Photos]

2005 FATE Member Assignment Exchange

All files collected and shared with members in 2005 are found in [this combined file].

1995 FATE Member Assignment Exchange

All files collected and shared with members in 1995 are found in [this combined file].