Individual MemberS will receive FATE e-newsletters and e-blasts, and the FATE-in-Review publication. Members may also request to submit institutional foundations search opportunities on FATE's website.


Institutional Memberships offer two faculty members regular membership, FATE e-newsletters and e-blasts, five copies of the FATE-in-Review publication to be distributed to interested colleagues and graduate students and institution names listed on FATE's website and biennial conference program. Institutional Members may also request to submit institutional foundations search opportunities on FATE's website.  Current Institutional Members are found HERE

FATE membership dues, either Individual & Institutional, cover a two year-period from January 1st of the year of purchase through December 31st of the following year.

Membership is required to attend FATE conferences.

Membership Options:


Select from an option below to be directed to membership payment.

  • FATE e-blasts

  • the FATE-in-Review publication

  • can attend conferences


$150 covers

2 Faculty Members



  • FATE  e-blasts

  • FATE-in-Review publications

  • can attend conferences

Membership Categories:

  • Part-Time Non-Tenure Track: This category includes all faculty who are not on the tenure track and teach part-time, excluding graduate teaching assistants. Different institutions use various titles, but it might include adjunct, part-time lecturer, and so on. Part-time faculty are usually those with the least institutional support, and thus this category is subsidized.

  • Full-Time Non-Tenure Track: This category includes all faculty who are full-time but not on the tenure track. These faculty may be known as lecturer, visiting assistant professor, teaching faculty, and so on. These faculty may or may not have access to professional development funds, but they are not eligible for tenure. These faculty typically receive benefits, but are not as secure or supported as tenure track faculty, and thus this category is subsidized. 

  • Tenured or Tenure Track: Tenured or Tenure Track faculty often receive support from their institution or are expected to engage in professional development activities as a part of their dossier for promotion and reappointment. While we understand that not all faculty in this category have access to professional development funds, they typically receive the most support from their institutions of faculty types, and thus this category is not subsidized.

  • If you have questions about which category you belong to, please feel free to reach out to our VP of Membership


Payment: FATE's goal is to process all or most of our membership online therefore FATE does not usually accept personal checks. In the occasion checks are accepted, checks returned for any reason are subject to a $25.00 service charge plus any banking penalties

​**Students, please submit a copy of their current and validated university ID with their completed membership application in order to receive the special graduate student rate. Please pay online and then email copy to 

Renew or Join: You may join or renew membership at any time during the calendar year but membership will only cover the current two year membership period.

Renewal notices: Renewal notices will be emailed in November of the year membership expires. Members that remain unpaid by February 15th of their renewal year will be dropped from membership.

Questions about Membership? Please contact FATE's Vice President of Membership, Meredith Starr at Please allow 48 hours for a response. 
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