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FIR: FATE in Review

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Extended Deadline: March 15, 2024

FATE in Review seeks thoughtful articles relating to all areas of foundations education, including expanding the practicum, flexing the core, and re-visioning visual culture. Conference papers and/or presentations, as well as papers written solely for publication may be submitted throughout the year.

We are also interested in reviews of newer books that inform foundations discussion and curriculum. We encourage you to forward your suggestions to the editor of FATE in Review.

The following guidelines are to be followed when submitting work for review:

1.Review the Notes to Contributors.

2. Email the paper as a Microsoft Word attachment to the editor.

3. Include the following information with all submitted materials: your name, institution, title, and email address.

Contact the FATE in Review Editor Michael Kellner with any questions at

FATE in Review journals are archived with the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.

Past Publications of FATE in Review

FATE in Review is published primarily as a benefit to the FATE membership. If you are interested in purchasing available single issues you may contact the FATE in Review Editor; limited physical quantities may be available. 


Some issues no longer in print are available to download as .pdfs from our digital archive.

Meet the Editorial Team

Kellner CCAD headshot Small (1).jpg

Associate Professor CORE Studies, Columbus College of Art & Design

Dr. Laura Winn

Assistant Professor of

Art History

Jacksonville University

Ashley Waldvogel

Professor of Foundation Studies, Savannah College of Art and Design

Sierra Austin_Headshot.jpg
Dr. Sierra Austin-King

Adjunct Professor

Columbus College of Art & Design

Noel Carmack

Associate Professor of Art, Utah State University Eastern – Price Campus 


Independent Arts Journalist

Lily Kuonen

AP Art Instructor 

The Bolles School


Adjunct Professor of Art

DePaul University.

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