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FATE is a highly active association. If you have a keen interest in networking with others who are involved with the instruction of foundational art courses, FATE may be the organization for you. For over three decades FATE, a volunteer run organization, has been collectively sharpening the methodologies and theories of instruction during the first years of college.

FATE's reach extends throughout art and design programs in independent colleges, university departments, community colleges, and crossover, undergraduate-level high school opportunities throughout the United States & Canada and is represented at most major higher education conferences to promote the goals of the organization. For over 30 years, FATE has grown through its promotion of excellence and innovation in arts foundations.

Biennially, FATE hosts an expansive but immersive gathering of artists, designers, historians and educators who share in the goal of making the foundational experience in art a solid springboard for a successful academic and professional life. Additionally, FATE expands their mission of support to the creative arts educational community by hosting a variety of regional events across the United States, sharing discussion between educators through FATE's Positive Space Podcast and publishing the journal FATE in Review. 

Foundations courses are an integral part of the undergraduate experience, and should emphasize the importance of developing concepts, craft and critical thinking skills.

Therefore, an Ad Hoc committee of FATE Members created a document for the purpose of setting guidelines for foundations that have received general consensus by members of the organization at the 11th Biennial Conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2007. FATE is not an accrediting body, these issues are intended to be used as guidelines to help foundation faculty and administration as they strengthen, reorganize, seek administrative support, or as a guide for the development of fledgling foundation programs. They are, in essence, an opinion that has emerged from of our collective knowledge of foundations.


FATE statement of inclusivity & Diversity 

FATE works to provide art educators who teach college-level foundations with pedagogical resources, community networking, and professional support while promoting excellence and innovation in curricular development. We are keenly aware of the importance of inclusive spaces that reflect a diversity of people and viewpoints. We seek to promote inclusivity in our conferences, home institutions, and the field as a whole. FATE acknowledges that the concept of inclusivity is not limited to one definition or set of constructs but exists in many forms and contexts. We know it is important to articulate our position of inclusivity in relation to our mission as an organization.


For FATE an inclusive environment is one that encourages and actively seeks out participation from diverse voices, especially those who have been historically marginalized. As an institution we stand against racism, sexism, homophobia, ageism, ableism and all other efforts to exclude individuals based on identity, socio-economic status, political views, veteran status or national origin.


Our inclusive vision seeks to create spaces that welcome diverse individual and group identities with the understanding that multiple voices and perspectives mutually benefit and inform discussions of art, pedagogy and professional practice.

Statement of Inclusivity and Diversity

FATE DEIA Listening Session

The FATE board and our community wants to hear from you on DEIA concerns, critiques, and observations related to the FATE conference and organization. Hosted by the FATE DEIA Committee, this listening session will be moderated by an external moderator, Allison Yasukawa. This listening session is in support of our ongoing work on diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility. All FATE members are encouraged to participate. Members can participate in the listening session and/or submit anonymous comments via the Google Form on the FATE DEIA section of the FATE website. Comments submitted before the session will be read aloud during the Session.

Things we want to hear about include but are not limited to: experiences from conferences, institutional accountability, biases, action/inaction, and transparency. While suggestions and solutions are more than welcome, they are not expected of participants nor should they be the responsibility of participants.

We hope you will consider attending the DEIA Listening Session scheduled for Friday, April 14, 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM / Room: Mt. Sophris B 

The DEIA Comment Box is at:

Current FATE Committees:
Red Wall & Stairs


FATE DEIA Committee Members:

  • Adam Farcus

  • Elizabeth Folk

  • Katie Hargrave

  • Sherry Muyuan He

  • Kevin Kao

  • Colleen Toutant Merrill

  • Millian Giang Lien Pham

  • Binod Shrestha

Glass Buildings

Guidelines for Foundations Committee

Guidelines Committee Members:

  • Lauren Kalman

  • Katie Hargrave

  • Kariann Fuqua

  • Wesley Taylor

  • Eddie Villanueva

  • Ming Ying Hong

  • Nicole Condon-Shih

  • Amy Evans

  • Marc Boyson

  • Shylah Pacheco Hamilton

  • Alex Robinson

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